Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Today on the 9th of May I went to school and seen my friends playing netball so i joined in and we played until the bell rang for class time so we went to class and sat on the mat so we could listen what we have to do for the first block.When we got told that we had to write in our panui pukapuka and pretend that it was our diary so we had to write to our diary and say anything even secrets but if we had full stops and capital letters then we would get some amazing stickers.When it hits 10:10 AM the bell will ring for morning tea and
then we have to pack up and get some fruit for morning tea because we weren't allowed to get our lunch so we went to go get some fruit and eat outside on the wooden table and waited for the next bell to ring for play time so we waited.Then the bell rang for play time and then we went to go play netball by the yellow park so we went and played netball until the bell rang and then the bell rang for class time.

At lunch time me and my friends were walking around the school and then this little boy got pushed into me and my friends and then we said " OOO are you alright" and then we looked up and seen a boy called troy was being mean so one of my friends chased after him but my friend could'nt catch him because he was to fast.

Today we had to do dot to dot and it was so fun because we had to all the famous pictures and we even could do facts about.So we all did our dot to dot pictures and google facts about our famous pictures.

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